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Cherokee Log Home Extra Resources Section

     Thank you for visiting Cherokee Log Home Supply. In our 'Extra Resources' section we have included a plethora of useful log home and conventional home shopping and information resources to utilize when in need of something other than what we have to offer your search. If you have a resource or know of a website that shares the same views or offers products and information you feel is compatible with our website be sure to let us know about it at and we will check it out to see if we can utilize it here. For those looking to exchange links we have included a list of simple instructions as well as a selection of link codes with HTML coding if needed so that you may add our link prior to requesting.

1. Please be sure to have our website link added using one of the link codes below before requesting a link in return.
2. Email us at with the URL where our link has been placed, yours' or your client's website information and the category you would like to see the website you offer placed.
3. Google must have at least have indexed the page our link is placed on before being considered for inclusion.
4. We will ONLY link to websites offering products, services or information relavant to what it is WE feel is compatible for our website.

Link Codes

Title: Log Homes
Description: Excellent log home products including log siding, log home floor plans and interior and exterior finish supplies to design the perfect log home.

Title: Log Siding
Description: Browse our wide selection of Cherokee Lam-Log, the strongest, driest and most stable log siding on the market.

Title: Log Home Floor Plans
Description: Choose from a huge selection of log home floor plans including cabin, cottage and homestead series designs.

Title: Sikkens Log Products
Description: A terrific selection of high quality log products from Sikkens including indoor and outdoor finishes and log treatment products.

Featured Links

Artesian Well
Artesian wells are Puits Bernierís specialty. We're one of the only companies to do it all: we drill and install artesian wells, as well as geothermal wells.

Garage Doors Manufacturer
Portes Bourassa specializes in front or garages doors made using quality materials. From sales to maintenance to installation, our complete range of products and services are sure to satisfy the various needs of its clientele.

Industrial Contractor
Triad Construction is a general contractor and a construction management company for new construction or renovations. As leed contractor, we are operating throughout Quebec and parts of Ontario.

There is no guarantee your link will be placed amongst the resources already present. Please abide by the simple rules shown above and we should have no problem including your resource. ALSO... we have no affiliation personally or professionally with any of the websites listed on any of our 'Extra Resources' page and take no responsibility for content or pictures depicting anything unethical.



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