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Cherokee Log Home Article Pages

Laminated Logs

     When shopping for high quality lumber for a log home or log home cabin take a close look at laminated logs, in particular Cherokee Lam-Logs, for a dry, strong and stable building wood that will stand up to the tests of time and weather. Resistant to splitting, twisting and warping laminated logs are an excellent choice for log home exterior and interior sidings and won’t shrink or crack during the natural settling process of a timber structure.

     Lam-Logs are actually engineered laminated beams that are milled into various log shapes that can be used for both log home exteriors and interiors. These laminated logs are then glued under high pressure making the logs even stronger. Finally, Lam-Logs are dried to an average moisture content of 12% which is much drier than conventional framing lumber. The process that produces laminated logs actually makes the logs stronger than the wood itself so your log cabin home will have the strongest siding material on the market.

     Though laminated logs tend to cost more than white pine or cedar lumber the fact that you won’t need to maintain or restore the logs as often as cheaper timber makes it a sound investment in the long run. Log home restorations can be very costly and time-consuming projects that involve stripping and blasting the exterior dirt and grime that accumulates over time on lower quality wood, smoothing the surface and applying expensive stains, finishes and protective sealants. With laminated logs being uniformly dried prior to milling the resulting product is a naturally resistant lumber that won’t crack or split during the settling of the log structure frame.

     Laminated logs are also well known for straightness and consistency, two key factors in keeping log homes sturdy and in great shape. Other wood may warp and split over time producing curves and bends that not only look bad but can also cause permanent damage to the frame. Laminated logs are manufactured to be straight and stay straight so you won’t have to worry about any bending during construction or after the work is completed. Dry wood mills much better than wet wood and the cuts of laminated logs are sharper and more precise than other log home lumber.

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