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Cherokee Log Home Article Pages

Log Home Tools & Supplies

     Log homes are unique wood structures that require special tools and supplies to assist in the construction and maintenance of the building. Unlike conventional homes that also feature brick, metal and steel log homes are almost entirely made of wood and the preparation and treatment of the lumber you use requires particular stains, finishes and cleaners as well as brushes, buffer pads and grinders. Cutting corners with a log home will lead to warped, bent wood that will look terrible and quickly deteriorate to splinters. Treating log home lumber with the right tools and cleaning supplies will lead to a stronger timber structure and many more years of enjoyment.

     No matter how fine the wood is you order for a log home construction project it will still need to be prepped and treated before being used. Ensuring a tight fit and straight frame requires careful sanding, grinding and buffering of the laminated logs or red heart cypress logs. Once the wood is in place itís too late to finish rough corners and treat connecting points from rot and decay.

     Buffer pads are essential tools to have on hand when prepping logs. These specially designed buffer pads are made for de-felting and removing loosely-held, weathered coatings as well as bare weathered wood. Gentle, fast and easy to use buffer pads let you get log home lumber in construction shape quick. Another more powerful log tool for prepping wood is the Makita Grinder that can also be used to reduce some of the felting and texture that builds up after corn blasting or power washing. This powerful grinder features 5-stage variable speed control to match the RPM to the work load.

     Another important step in the preparation of log home lumber is treating the logs with stains, finishes and cleaners. Log cleaners including Shashco CPR and TSP cleaner act to remove dirt and grime from wood before you apply a stain or finish. These cleaners can also be used to brighten uncoated wood that is dirty, faded or gray from excessive UV exposure.

     Stains and finishes are additional supplies that will help protect your log home from foul weather and UV exposure as well as providing a smooth and polished look to exterior and interior wood siding. Both Sikkens and Shashco offer a great selection of both interior and exterior log stains and finishes as well as wood treatment preservatives to keep logs in great shape, prevent rot and decay and reduce the amount of swelling in logs when a log cabin home settles.

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