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Cherokee Log Home Article Pages

Restoring & Cleaning Log Homes

     Beautiful and rustic log homes and log cabins offer a traditional wood framework that when treated properly will last for years and offer a natural luster. However, if not cared for log home and log cabin lumber and wood can quickly erode and rot leaving you with an unsightly structure. There are several wood finishing products and treatments you can use to clean, coat, treat and preserve the logs of your log home. In addition there are a variety of wood caulking, chinking and sealants that can be used to provide insulation and protection from outdoor hazards and weather. Careful application with the right wood treatments can make all the difference in keeping your log home looking beautiful year round.

     Though log homes and log cabins are picturesque and rustic keeping the logs in shape will require some effort on your part. Like anything else wood and lumber are susceptible to harsh weather and prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays that can lead to erosion and decay. If not treated properly the wood and logs of your log home can begin to rot and soon leave you with nothing more than a foundation. Avoid natural swelling and shrinking by treating your logs with special formulas and using high quality caulk and chinking to keep logs snugly fit and in place.

     When preparing to build a log home or log cabin factor in that you will need to pre-treat the logs, provide coats of finish and possibly stain, apply caulk and chinking and in a few months time may need to blast the logs to remove mill grime and left over construction debris. No one said maintaining a log home is easy. However, the tools and equipment now available make preserving and restoring log home lumber easy and fast.

     A great product to use prior to building a log home or log cabin is Sikkens brand log pre-treatment. A clear, waterborne exterior treatment the Sikkens formula acts to stabilize wood and minimize common splitting and cracking. Sikkens also manufacturers a number of finishes and stains that are great for the wood exterior and siding of a log home since they are formulated to protect the timber lumber as well as provide a natural luster in a variety of shades including mahogany, oak and walnut.

     From the start weather and the sun will start to take a toll on your log home exterior. Rain, wind, sleet and continual UV exposure will all act to erode the cypress logs of your log home or log cabin and decay the lumber comprising the important framework. Periodic treatment of the logs to combat the elements will not only improve the condition of the wood but give it a healthy shine that will not look too glossy.

     Cleaning log homes can be done with any number of log-treatment formulas made for finished exteriors. You may also want to perform what is known as a media blast with a kernel corn cob blaster that safely and quickly removes grime, grit and decaying coats from logs prior to treating the wood with fresh coats of preservatives and finishes.

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