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What Advantage Lam-Log has over other logs

Lam-Logs are drier than the convential  lumber in your house. That’s building made simple without complicated and expensive settling systems. And that translates into a stable log that reduces the cost and time of construction.

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  It also means the virtual elimination of unsightly cracks and checks in the logs.

Do you sell log home kits?

Yes, we sell log packages or we sell material by the foot. Send your floor plans for a free quote

Do you have floor plans?

Yes we have a plan books they cost $7.50

How log Laminated log been used in homes

The European have been using the laminated wood for over a 100 years. Are logs have been used on hundreds homes and commercial buildings all over US.

Are log homes energy efficient?

Log homes are the most energy efficient forms of construction. The thermal mass of the logs gives you more energy efficiency then your typical conventional home. This allows your home to stay warm in the winter and cold in the summer. For more information on log home efficiency see the article by the Log Home Council. www.The Energy Performance of Log Homes. com

How do you wire a log home?

You drill through the wood to form a wire chase which electrical wiring if fed through for outlets or switch boxes. You can wire through partition walls also. You will have to wire your roof for ceiling lights and fans before you put on your roof decking.

What Stains should be used on log homes

You should use stains that are made for log homes. We are glad to recommend the best stain to use on your home. We carry only stains that we would use on our own personal home .We would be glad to recommend stains that will fit your needs.

What is borate treatment?

Borate  is a wood preservative that defends your home against dry, wet and brown rot as well as termites, house borers, powder  beetles and carpenter ants (to name a few). We carry Penetreat,  Impel and cobra rods.




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